The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent. (1759-67)

The Marbled Page

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Volumes 1 and 2 are based on the third edition
(London: R. and J. Dodsley, 1760), and
volumes 3 - 9 are based on the first edition,
apart from minor emendations
following the Florida edition of Tristram Shandy
(The University Presses of Florida, 1978).
Greek letters are latinized in bold italics.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

[Frontispiece] [Dedication] [Ch.1] [Ch.2] [Ch.3] [Ch.4] [Ab Ovo] [The Association of Ideas] [Ch.5] [Tristram's Birthday] [Ch.6] [Ch.7] [The Midwife] [Hobby-Horses 1] [Ch.8] [Ch.9] [Ch.10] [Ch.11] [Mr. Yorick] [Yorick's Opinion on Gravity] [Ch.12] [The Black Page] [Ch.13] [Ch.14] [Ch.15] [The Marriage Settlement] [Ch.16] [Ch.17] [Ch.18] [March 9, 1759] [Jenny 1] [Jenny 2] [Ch.19] [Walter's Opinion on Names] [Ch.20] [The "Memoire"] [Ch.21] [Toby's "--I think," 1] [March 26, 1759] [Aunt Dinah] [Toby's Wound] [Lillabullero] [Ch.22] [The Praise of Digression] [Ch.23] [Ch.24] [Hobby-Horses 2] [Ch.25]

Volume 2

[Title-Page] [Ch.1] [Ch.2] [Locke's Theory of Confusion] [Ch.3] [Toby's Desire of Knowledge] [Ch.4] [Ch.5] [Corporal Trim] [Toby's Miniature Fortifications 1] [Ch.6] [Toby's "--I think," 2] [Ch.7] [Ch.8] [The Hypercritic's Clock] [Ch.9] [Dr. Slop] [Ch.10] [Stevinus 1] [Ch.11] [Writing as Conversation] [Ch.12] [Stevinus 2] [The Fly] [Ch.13] [Ch.14] [Stevinus 3] [Ch.15] [Ch.16] [Ch.17] [Trim's Posture] [The Sermon 1] [The Sermon 2] [Ch.18] [Ch.19] [The Center of the Brain] [The Crushed Intellectual Web]

Volume 3

[Frontispiece] [Ch.1] [Ch.2] [Ch.3] [Ch.4] [Ch.5] [Ch.6] [Ch.7] [The Knotted Bag] [Ch.8] [Ch.9] [Ch.10] [Ch.11] [The Curse of Ernulphus] [Ch.12] [The Cant of Criticism] [Ch.13] [Ch.14] [Ch.15] [Ch.16] [Dr. Slop's Forceps] [Ch.17] [Ch.18] [Ch.19] [Ch.20] [The Author's Preface] [Ch.21] [The Hinge: Tristram Is Born] [Ch.22] [Ch.23] [Dr. Slop's "Bridge"] [The Narrator's Crossroad] [Ch.24] [Trim and the Draw-Bridge] [Ch.25] [Ch.26] [Ch.27] [The Crushed Nose] [Ch.28] [Ch.29] [Walter in a Horizontal Position] [Ch.30] [Ch.31] [The Definition of "Nose"] [Ch.32] [Ch.33] [Walter's Opinion on Noses] [Ch.34] [Ch.35] [Ch.36] [The Marbled Page] [Ch.37] [Ch.38] [Hafen Slawkenbergius] [Ch.39] [Ch.40] [Ch.41] [Ch.42]

Volume 4

[Title-Page] [Slawkenbergius's Tale: The Protasis] [Slawkenbergius's Tale: The Epitasis] [Slawkenbergius's Tale: The Catastasis] [Slawkenbergius's Tale: The Catastrophe] [Ch.1] [Ch.2] [Ch.3] [Ch.4] [Ch.5] [Ch.6] [Ch.7] [Ch.8] [Trismegistus 1] [Ch.9] [Ch.10] [The Chapter on Chapters] [Ch.11] [Trismegistus 2] [Ch.12] [Ch.13] [Writing and Living] [Ch.14] [The Baptism] [Ch.15] [Ch.16] [Ch.17] [Ch.18] [Ch.19] [Walter's Lamentation] [Ch.20] [Ch.21] [The Story of Francis I] [Ch.22] [Against the Spleen] [Ch.23] [The Visitation Dinner] [Ch.25] [On the Omitted Chapter] [Ch.26] [Yorick's Opinion on Sermons] [Ch.27] [Phutatorius's "Zounds!"] [Ch.28] [Ch.29] [Ch.30] [Ch.31] [Bobby and the Ox-Moor] [Ch.32] [True Shandeism]

Volume 5

[Title-Page] [Dedication] [Ch.1] [On Plagiarism] [The Fragment on Whiskers] [Ch.2] [Bobby's Death] [Ch.3] [Walter the Orator] [Ch.4] [Ch.5] [Elizabeth Behind the Door 1] [Ch.6] [Ch.7] [Trim the Orator] [Ch.8] [Ch.9] [Ch.10] [Ch.11] [Ch.12] [Elizabeth Behind the Door 2] [Ch.13] [Ch.14] [Ch.15] [Intermission: The Grave Man in Black] [Ch.16] [The Tristrapaedia 1] [Ch.17] [The Sash Window] [August 10, 1761] [Ch.18] [Ch.19] [Ch.20] [Ch.21] [Ch.22] [Ch.23] [Ch.24] [Ch.25] [Ch.26] [Ch.27] [On Circumcision] [Ch.28] [Ch.29] [Gymnast vs. Tripet] [Ch.30] [The Tristrapaedia 2] [Ch.31] [Ch.32] [Ch.33] [Radical Heat & Radical Moisture 1] [Ch.34] [Ch.35] [Ch.36] [Radical Heat & Radical Moisture 2] [Ch.37] [Ch.38] [Ch.39] [Ch.40] [Ch.41] [Ch.42] [The Auxiliary Verbs] [Ch.43]

Volume 6

[Title-Page] [Ch.1] [Ch.2] [Ch.3] [Susannah vs. Dr. Slop] [Ch.4] [Ch.5] [The Right Kind of Tutor] [Ch.6] ["The Story of Le Fever" 1] [Ch.7] ["Le Fever" 2] [Ch.8] ["Le Fever" 3] [Ch.9] [Ch.10] ["Le Fever" 4] [Ch.11] [Yorick's Funeral Sermon for Le Fever] [Ch.12] [Ch.13] [Ch.14] [Rumors and Breeches] [Ch.15] [Ch.16] [The Beds of Justice] [Ch.17] [Ch.18] [Ch.19] [Albertus Rubenius on Ancient Dress] [Ch.20] [Ch.21] [Toby's Miniature Fortifications 2] [Ch.22] [Ch.23] [Ch.24] [Ch.25] [Ch.26] [Ch.27] [Ch.28] [Ch.29] [Toby Dressed in a New Character] [Ch.30] [Ch.31] [The Treaty of Utrecht] [Ch.32] [Toby's Apologetical Oration] [Ch.33] [Ch.34] [The Demolition of Dunkirk 1] [Ch.35] [Ch.36] [Ch.37] [The Picture of Mrs. Wadman] [Ch.38] [Ch.39] [Ch.40] [Wriggly Lines and the Straight Line]

Volume 7

[Title-Page] [Ch.1] [Tristram's Flight from Death] [Ch.2] [Ch.3] [Ch.4] [Calais] [Ch.5] [Ch.6] [Ch.7] [Ch.8] [The French Post-Chaise] [Ch.9] [Janatone] [Ch.10] [Ch.11] [Ch.12] [On Dying in an Inn] [Ch.13] [Ch.14] [Ch.15] [Ch.16] [Ch.17] [Paris] [Ch.18] [Ch.19] [Ch.20] [The Abbess of Andoüillets] [Ch.21] [Ch.22] [Ch.23] [Ch.24] [Ch.25] [Ch.26] [Ch.27] [Tristram's Grand Tour] [Ch.28] [Ch.29] [Tristram and Jenny] [Ch.30] [Ch.31] [Amandus and Amanda] [Ch.32] [The Ass of Lyons] [Ch.33] [The Commissary] [Ch.34] [Ch.35] [Ch.36] [The Lost "Remarks"] [Ch.37] [Ch.38] [Ch.39] [Ch.40] [Ch.41] [Ch.42] [Ch.43] [The Dance of the Peasants]

Volume 8

[Title-Page] [Ch.1] [Ch.2] [The Best Way of Beginning a Book] [Ch.3] [Ch.4] [Ch.5] [Ch.6] [Tristram's Grave Crisis] [Ch.7] [Ch.8] [Ch.9] [Ch.10] [Ch.11] [Ch.12] [Ch.13] [Ch.14] [Ch.15] [Ch.16] [Mrs. Wadman's Attack 1] [Ch.17] [Ch.18] [The Demolition of Dunkirk 2] [Ch.19] ["The King of Bohemia" 1] ["Bohemia" 2] ["Bohemia" 3] ["Bohemia" 4] ["Bohemia" 5] [Trim's Amour] [Ch.20] [Ch.21] [Ch.22] [Ch.23] [Mrs. Wadman's Attack 2] [Ch.24] [Ch.25] [Ch.26] [Ch.27] [Ch.28] [Ch.29] [Ch.30] [Ch.31] [Ch.32] [Ch.33] [Ch.34] [Walter's Letter of Advice to Toby] [Ch.35]

Volume 9

[Title-Page] [Dedication] [Ch.1] [August 12, 1766] [Ch.2] [Toby's Counterattack] [Ch.3] [Ch.4] [Trim's Curve of Celibacy] [Ch.5] [Tom and the Jew's Widow] [Ch.6] [Ch.7] [Ch.8] [Elizabeth's "I Dare Say," 1] [Time Wastes Too Fast] [Ch.9] [Ch.10] [Ch.11] [Elizabeth's "I Dare Say," 2] [Ch.12] [Ch.13] [Ch.14] [Waiting for Ch.15] [Ch.16] [Knocking on Wadman's Door] [Ch.17] [The Blank Chapters] [Ch.18] [Ch.19] [Ch.20] [Ch.21] [The Right Kind of Husband] [Slawkenbergius's Third Decad] [Ch.22] [Ch.23] [Ch.24] [The Invocation] [Maria] [Ch.25] [The Eighteenth Chapter] [Chapter the Nineteenth] [Ch.26] [Ch.27] [Ch.28] [Trim and Bridget] [Ch.29] [Ch.30] [Ch.31] [Mrs. Wadman's Virtues] [Ch.32] [Ch.33] [Obadiah and the Shandy Bull]

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