Gifu University, Center for Highly Advanced Integration of Nano and Life Sciences (G-CHAIN),「Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences」, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Glyco-biochemistry lab (Kizuka lab)

Research summary

「To understand, visualize, and cure glycans」

Our laboratory conducts biological studies on glycans (sugar chains).
Virtually all cells in our bodies are covered with a lot of lot of glycans, but their roles remain largely unclear.
We try to
 ・understand how glycans are synthesized in cells and what roles they play.
 ・visualize where glycans exist in cells and organs.
 ・cure glycan-related diseases by modulating glycan functions.
These three are our key concepts. Please check research page in more detail.

Our laboratory belongs to both G-CHAIN (Center for Highly Advanced Integration of Nano and Life Sciences) in Gifu University and Course of Molecular Life Science in Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences. We are partially supported by LEADER project (MEXT) and by AMED. We closely cooperate with Cell biophysics lab (Kenichi Suzuki lab) in G-CHAIN.


A group photo was posted on Member and Photo.
Ms. Natsumi Kasahara and Mr. Seita Tomida joined us as an undergraduate student.
A research paper was accepted by Nature Communications Journal.
A press release from Gifu University
Lab. photos were posted on Photo.
Ms. Chizuko Yonekawa, Ms. Yuko Tokoro, and Ms. Mayumi Yamada were promoted to Research Supporter.
A column was published in THE MID-JAPAN ECONOMIST.