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Division of Instrumental Analysis
Supporting Research on the Synthesis of New Organic Molecules and Nano-Materials with Cutting-Edge Analysis Instruments
Research Support
Research Support
Faculty and Research Topics
Faculty and Research Topics
Providing Cutting-Edge Technology Analysis Instruments to Support Nanotechnology Research in the Microscopic Realm
Expanding Education and Research By Serving as a Center for the Latest Instrumental Analysis Information
We have opened up our facilities to the publicI
Yuji O. Kamatari, Assiatant Professor
Kouichi Murayama, Assiatant Professor
    Equipment and Machines
Equipment and Machines
Transmission/Scanning Electron Microscopes (TEM)(SEM)
Hitachi H-8100, S-4300, S-3000N
X-Ray Micro Analyzer (EDX)
Horiba EMAX EX-220
Scanning Probe Microscopy System (SPM)
Seiko Instruments SPI3800 
Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analyzer (ESCA, XPS)
Shimazu ESCA-3400
Organic Micro Element Analyzer (CHNO)
Yanaco CHN Coder/MT-6
Circular Dichroic Polarimeter (CD)
Ultra High-Speed Camera Device
Japan Laser PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry)
Optical Amplification Apparatus
NAC ILS (transportable)
High Speed Video Apparatus
NAC HS-4540-2 (transportable)
Thermal Imaging
Nikon LAIRD 3ASH (transportable)
Time-Resolved Flouresence Spectrometer
Horiba NAES-700D
Inductive Coupling Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP-AES)
JEOL Leeman PS-1000UV, Hitachi P-4010
Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (FT-NMR)
Varian UNITY INOVA 500, 400, JEOL ECA-500 (500MHz)
Mass Spectrometer (MS)
JEOL JMS-700/GI , JMS-AMSUN200/GI (K-9) , GCMateII
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Agilent MS-52011LC
Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer (ESR)

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotomete (FT-IR)
Infrared Spectrometer Perkin Elmer 2000
Micro-Reflection Type Spectrometer
JASCO 460Plus, IRT-30-16

Probe Type Spectrometer
ASI React IR 4100F-GU (transportable)
Microscopic/Contact Type Spectrometer
Sensor Technology Illuminat IR

Microscopic Laser Raman Spectroscope System
Stopped Flow Spectrophotometer (SF)
Otsuka Electronics RA-401
Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrophotometer (UV-Vis)
Hitachi 4000 U
Thermal Analysis System (DSC, TG/DTA, TMA)
Seiko EXSTAR-6000
* Facilities also include: Glass Knife Generator, Ultramicrotome, Vacuum Deposition Apparatus, Entity Microscope, Laser Illumination Apparatus, Tablet-Producing Apparatus, Image Processing System, Cold Converter (Liquid Nitrogen Storage) etc.