• 2023.01.13
    The final PhD defense for Mr. Hamajima (D3)has been held.
  • 2023.01.10
    Mr. Rui Hagino (D2) received the Encouragement Award at the 18th "Young Power" Forum. Congratulations!
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  • 2022.12.26
    A follow-up report on the complete stereoselective α-glycosidation of Kdo (Shogo Hamajima as the first author) has been published in Molecules. We examined the effect of the 4-hydroxy-protecting group on the reactivity of the donor.
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  • 2022.11.18
    A paper on the complete stereoselective α-glycosidation of Kdo (Shogo Hamajima as the first author) has been published in Organic Letters. We have been first to achieve a stereoselective glycosidation of Kdo that is not affected by the structure of the glycosyl acceptors or reaction conditions.
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  • 2022.11.10
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  • 2022.10.21
    At the 41st Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research (September 29 - October 1, at Osaka University), the Ceremony for the JSCR Incentive Award for Assistant Professor Hidenori Tanaka and the Award Lecture were held.
    JSCR Incentive Award Lecture "Precise synthesis of carbohydrates and related compounds using their unique chemical structure and functional group reactivity"

    At the same meeting, the 23rd Japan Carbohydrate Society Poster Award Ceremony was held for Mr. Shogo Hamajima (D2).
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  • 2022.10.01
    New members have joined our group. Welcome to our lab!
    Mr. Shunsuke Ide, Ms. Yui Iwata, Mr. Tomoaki Kanda, Ms. Riho Kitta, Ms. Chinatsu Nagasaka, Mr. Kentarou Yasuda
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  • 2022.09.27
    Early Graduation Ceremony was held. Congratulations to Mr. Yasutake!
    Mr. Yasutake will work as a research assistant in our group until March 2023.
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  • 2022.09.06
    A paper on straightforward synthesis of the poly(ADP-ribose) branched core structure (Rui Hagino and Keita Mozaki are co-first authors) has been published in ACS Omega. This is the first paper of ADP-ribose synthesis from our group.
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  • 2022.08.08
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  • 2022.07.11
    Mr. Amol and Mrs. Pratiksha have retired. Amol has been appointed as a Research Associate in the Dr. Cassandra Callemann group at the College of Natural Sciences, University of Texas at Austin.
    Wish their success in US!
  • 2022.07.10-15
    Assistant Professor Komura gave an award lecture at the 30th International Carbohydrate Symposium 2022 Brazil (online).
    Congratulations on winning the prize!

    Young Researcher Lecture
    (as the award lecture of ICO Young Researcher Awards 2020)
    Naoko Komura "Development of sialic acid chemistry and its application for biological study"
    In addition, the following research presentations were given by our lab members.
    Plenary Lecture
    Hiromune Ando "Challenge to the synthesis of sialoglyco-architectures"
    Flash Presentation
    Rui Hagino "Chemical synthesis of clickable ADP ribose molecules using late-stage protecting-group-free pyrophosphate coupling reaction"
    Poster Presentation
    Hide-Nori Tanaka "Straightforward synthesis of the branching core structure of poly(ADP-ribose)"
    Amol Madhukar Vibhute "Expedious Synthesis of core M3 glycan of alpha-dystroglycan and its analogs for biological applications"
    Shogo Hamajima "Development of a fully alpha-stereoselective Kdo glycosidation method and its appplications"
    Maina Takahashi "Efficient synthesis of lacto-series ganglioside probe via late-stage sialylation and behavior analysis with single-molecule imaging"
  • 2022.07.07
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  • 2022.07.07
    A paper on the synthesis of a fluorescent probe of lacto-series ganglioside based on the direct sialylation of glycolipid and its application to the behavior analysis in the cell membrane by single molecule tracking (the first author is Maina Takahashi) has been published in RSC Chemical Biology. This is a result of the collaborative project with Suzuki group in iGCORE. Our graphic has been selected as the Insite Front Cover of the issue.
  • 2022.06.25
    Assistant Professor Hidenori Tanaka has received the 25th (2022) Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research Incentive Award! This is a prestigious award given to young researchers under the age of 40 who have achieved outstanding research in the field of glyco-science and are expected to play an active role in the future. The award ceremony and the award-winning lecture will be held at the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research, which will be held in Osaka from September 29th to October 1st, 2022.
  • 2022.06.02
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  • 2022.05.30
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  • 2022.04.11
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  • 2022.03.25
    Graduation ceremony was held. Congratulations on your graduations!
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  • 2022.03.08
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  • 2022.01.31
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  • 2022.01.31
    Ms. Maina Takahashi (D1) received the Encouragement Award at the 17th "Young Power" Forum at the Central Glycoscience Center. Congratulations!
  • 2022.01.11
    Mr. Shogo Hamajima (D2) received the 23rd Poster Award at the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research. The award ceremony will be held at the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research in September of 2022 in Osaka. Congratulations!
  • 2021.12.01
    Assistant Professor Naoko Komura received The International Carbohydrate Organization (ICO) Young Investigator Award! This is the first award won by the researcher in Asia. It was selected in 2019 as the 2020 award, but was officially notified this year due to the influence of the Corona disaster. The award lecture is scheduled for next year at the 30th International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS2022).
  • 2021.11.12
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  • 2021.10.26
    A paper on Synthesis of Seleno-Glycolipids (First author is Hayao Fukuo) was adopted on a front cover of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry.
  • 2021.09.30
    New members have joined the labo. Welcome to our lab!
    Mr. Fuma Kabashima, Ms. Momoka Kobayashi, Ms. Riho Taguchi, Mr. Seijuro Terada, Ms. Chihiro Tokunaga, Ms. Yuka Hashimoto, Mr. Katsuyuki Murase
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  • 2021.09.03
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  • 2021.06.17
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  • 2020.08.01
    Our new website has been launched.
  • 2020.07.28
    Ms. Maina Takahashi (M2) received a student award of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Gifu University, Japan.
  • 2020.07.22
    Assistant Professor, Dr. Hidenori Tanaka received an Incentive Award for Young Scientist of Tokai Branch of the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan.
  • 2020.07.07
    Prof. Ando gave a lecture at the 5th Chem-Station V symposium "Advanced Chem-Bio".
  • 2020.07.05
    Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Dr. Naoko Komura received a Gifu University Commendation for Person of Merit.

Welcome to the Laboratory of Bioactive Molecule Science

Our research group has been addressing the chemical synthesis of biologically relevant glycans and glycoconjugates (main current focus is on gylcolipids). With the structurally well-defined glycan molecules, we aim to promote chemical biology research of glycans. Our ultimate goal is to understand biological events involving glycans at the molecular level and to develop glycan-based therapeutics.
In order to achieve the goal, we are enjoying (sometimes wrestling!) glycochemistry research while asking the questions “what molecules we should create?” and “how we create them?”. We are unveiling a new world of glycans by using glycan tools. The efforts will lead us to a joy of accomplishment in glycan synthesis. We invite you to join our exciting glycochemistry research. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our lab.