Offering both facilities and technical support to aide animal experimentation

 Animal experimentation is essential to life sciences research. Depending on research needs, various animals such as mice, rats, rabbits, beagles, and pigs are used. In recent years, genetically modified animals such as transgenic and knockout mice have gained attention as useful subjects. In order to gain reliable data from animal experiments, it is vital that the subjects' environment be stable and well-controlled. In addition, the safety impact to humans and bioethical rules must be considered when conducting animal experiments. In the Division of Animal Experimentation within the Life Sciences Research Center, we provide both the facilities necessary for such experiments as well as comprehensive support in the form of experiment program planning and subject care and maintenance.

Education and Instruction on Animal Experimentation

 In order to conduct animal experiments, it is necessary to have prior mastery of a variety of specialized knowledge and techniques. In the Division of Animal Experimentation, lectures on animal experimentation are provided to researchers, including graduate students connected to the medical school. In addition, we provide routine instruction and consulting services on the use of experiment subjects, writing of animal experiment protocols, subject selection, animal handling and care, environmental control, breeding methodologies, and euthanasia through various means such as the experimental design approval process.