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"Mouri laboratory" studies an intelligence machine system and the human interface which do dexterous and autonomous work like human.
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  • Prof. Kawasaki was retired on March 31 2022.

  • Robot hand researched and developed by ImPACT Tough Robotics Challenge was posted as "Keep materials even when the power is turned off" on the 6th page of Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun.

  • Associate Professor Mouri introduced the humanoid robot hand at the "joint explanatory meeting related to joint development of the robotics field etc." sponsored by Mitsubishi UFJ Bank.

  • Associate professor Mori gave a lecture on the robot hand at the seminar hosted by Toyama Robot Technology Research Association "Now at the forefront of utilization of robot".

  • Mr. Mouri Associate Professor's lecture at Kani Chuo Chubu Junior High School was posted in "Robot Technology Intrigued" by Gifu Newspaper.

  • Associate Professor Mouri gave a lecture on robot technology at Kani City Chubu Junior High School at a lecture sponsored by "Children and Science and Technology Building".