Research on the Deep-seated Gravitational Slope Deformation (DGSD)


The DGSDs have been considered to be precursors of deep-deated large scale landslides. In order to mitigate the landslide disasters we must clarify the development history of the DGSDs.

Research on the Activity Evaluation of Active Faults using the Fault Rocks


In general, the activity evaluations of active faults have been performed by the geographical studies and the trenching surveys. This research develops a new evaluation method using the fault rocks originated from the basement rocks. The latest slip zones of some active fault zones exhibit characteristic mineralogical and geochemical features. This method is expected to allow us to evaluate the active fault activity without young sediments in future.

Research on the Potential Studies for the Shallow and Deep Geothermal Resources

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This research develops methods on the potential mapping of the shallow and deep geothermal resources based on the underground temperature measurements, the analyses of rock samples and so on. This study is expected to promote the installation of the geothermal heat pump systems, which is one of the renewable energy uses.