Journal Club

2024.1.25 Nishibu M
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2023.12.14 Xiao Y
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2023.12.7 特別セミナー
Dr. Gábor Galiba (Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  “I. Involvement of the different Rht dwarfing alleles in the light spectrum-regulated cold acclimation of wheat. II. Indoor plant production.”

Raziq A et al (2022) Exogenous spermidine modulates polyamine metabolism and improves stress responsive mechanisms to protect tomato seedlings against salt stress. Plant Physiol Biochem 187: 1-10

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2023.2.9 Sugekawa K
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2022.12.22 Shmizu Y
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2022.12.15 Mitai K
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2022.12.1 Ezeh OS
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2022.11.10 Xiao YF
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2022.7.29 Mitai K
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2022.5.27 Sakashita S
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Xiao Y
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2022.5.13 Kouame PK
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Ezeh OS
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2022.5.6 Miyachi T
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2022.4.22 Mizuno K
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2022.1.20 Matsui D
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2021.12.16 Miyachi T
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2021.11.18 Tai S
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2021.11.11 Ezeh Okechukwu S
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2021.10.11 Mitai K
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2021.10.5 Ezeh Okechukwu S
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2021.9.27 Sugimoto S
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2020.10.20 Hasegawa M
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<travel report>  
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2013.8.23 Hieno A
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2013.7.5 Kobayashi Yasu
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2013.5.10 Sawaki K
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Tokizawa M
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2012.8.22  特別セミナー
Dr. Robert Cox III (RIKEN BASE)
 “Data Driven Design: How to integrate multiple databases for designing synthetic regulatory promoters”

2012.8.21 Sakai Y
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2012.7.31 Asai M
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2012.7.17 Sawaki K
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(in press)

2012.6.12 Yamanaka H
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2012.6.5 Zhao CR
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Oyama N: 2nd Place
Gissoli G, Ninoles R, Frasquet S, Palombieri S, Bueso E, Rubio L, GFarcia-Sanchez MJ, Fernandez JA, Mulet JM, Serrano R (2012) Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase ROF2 modulates intracellular pH homeostasis in Arabidopsis. Plant J 70, 704-716.

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2012.5.15 Hieono A
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Eguma M
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2012.5.8 特別セミナー
岐阜大・応生 高島康弘先生
「Apicomplexaと家畜の病気 -トキソプラズマとネオスポラ-」

Tokizawa M: 3rd Place
Rhee HS, Pugh BF (2012) Genome-wide structure and organization of eukaryotic pre-initiation complexes. Nature 483, 251-255.

Ishino H
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Yoshioka Y: 1st Place
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2011.12.8 Zhao CR
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2011.10.13 Shimo E
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May ~ Sep Season: Vote by Participants

2011.10.13 Naznin HA
Qiu Y, Yu D (2009) Over-expression of the stress-induced OsWRKY45 enhances disease resistance and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis. Environ Exp Bot 65, 35-47.
2011.9.20 Zhao CR
Sun Q, Zhao L, Li K, Zhang J (2010) Identification of a new 130 bp cis-acting element in the TsVP1 promoter involved in the salt stress response from Thellungiella halophila. BMC Plant Biol 10, 90.

2011.9.13 Sawaki K
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Yoshioka Y: 3rd Place
Mendes R, Kruijt M, deBruijn I, Dekkers E, van der Voort M, Schneider JHM, Piceno YM, DeSantis TZ, Andersen GL, Bakker PAHM, Raaijmakers JM (2011) Deciphering the rhizosphere microbiome for disease-suppressive bacteria. Science 332, 1097-1100. 

Sakai Y: 1st Place
Doherty CJ, van Buskirk HA, Myers SJ, Thomashow MF (2009) Roles for Arabidopsis CAMTA transcription factors in cold-regulated gene expression and freezing tolerance. Plant Cell 21, 972-984.

2011.9.2 特別セミナー
香川大学遺伝子 多田安臣先生

2011.8.30 Yamanaka H
Xia J, Yamaji N, Kasai T, Ma JF (2010) Plasma membrane-located transporter for aluminum in rice. Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA 107, 18381-18385.

Tokizawa M: 2nd Place
Someya S et al, (2010) Sirt3 mediates reduction of oxidative damage and prevention of age-related hearing loss under caloric restriction. Cell 143, 802-812. 

2011.8.2 Nazunin HA
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Hieno A
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2011.7.26 Shimo E
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2011.7.19 Yoshioka Y
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Kobayashi Yuriko
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2011.7.12 Yamamoto YY
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2011.7.5 Sugimoto M
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2011.6.28 Asai N
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2011.6.21 Tokizawa M
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Yamanaka H
Guo LH, Yin Y, Howell SH (2009) Regulation and processing of a plant peptide hormone, AtRALF23, in Arabidopsis. Plant J 59, 930-939.

2011.6.7 Shimo E
Yamasaki H, Hayashi M, Fukazawa M, Kobayashi Y, Shikanai T (2009) SQUAMOSA Promoter Binding Protein-Like7 is a central regulator for copper homeostasis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 21, 347-361.

2011.5.31 Sawaki K
Sasaki T, Mori IC, Furuichi T, Munemasa S, Toyooka K, Matsuoka K, Murata Y, Yamamoto Y (2010) Closing plant stomata requires a homolog of an aluminum-activated malate transporter. Plant Cell Physiol 51, 354-365.

Yamashita Y
Furuta, K, Kubo M, Sano K, Demura T, Fukuda H, Liu YG, Shibata D, Kakimoto T (2011) The CKH2/PKL chromatin remodeling factor negatively regulates cytokinin responses in Arabidopsis calli. Plant Cell Physiol 52, 618-628.

2011.5.24 Sakai Y
Yang YT, Yu YL, Yang GD, Zhang JD, Zheng CC (2009) Tissue-specific expression of the PNZIP promoter is mediated by combinatorial interaction of differentr cis-elements and a novel transcriptional factor. Nucleic Acids Res 37, 2630-2644.

2011.5.17 Hieno A
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Naznin HA
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2011.5.10 Yoshioka Y
Wang W, Barnaby JY, Tada Y, Li H, Tor M, Caldelan D, Lee D, Fu XD, Dong X (2011) Timing of plant immune responses by a central circadian regulator. Nature 470, 110-114.

2011.4.21 Yamamoto YY
Rizzini L, Favory JJ, Cloix C, Faggionato D, O’Hara A, Kaiserli E, Baumeister R, Schäfer E, Nagy F, Jenkis GI, Ulm R (2011) Perception of UV-B by the Arabidopsis UVR8 protein. Science 332: 103-106.

2011.4.11 Sakai Y
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2011.4.4 Hieno A
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12.13 Yamashita Y
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12.2 Naznin HA
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11.25 Sakai Y
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11.18 Yoshioka Y
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11.10 Yamamoto YY
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10.29 Hieno A
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10.21 Yoshioka Y
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9.29 Naznin HA
Du L, Ali GS, Simons KA, Hou J, Yang T, Reddy ASN, Poovaiah BW (2009) Ca2+/calmodulin regulates salycylic-acid-mediated plant immunity Nature 457: 1154-1158.

9.27 特別セミナー
京大・理 小山時隆先生

8.16 Yamamoto YY
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7.9 Sakai Y
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6.23 Hieno A
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6.14  Naznin HA
Yasuda M,,, Nakashita H (2008) Antagonistic interaction between systemic acquired resistance and the abscisic acid-mediated abiotic stress response in Arabidopsis, Plant Cell 20, 1678-1692.

31 Yoshioka Y
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2010. 5.14 Yamamoto YY
Atwell S,,,,Nordborg M (2010) Genome-wide association study of 107 phenotypes in Arabidopsis thaliana inbred lines, Nature (in press)

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