Dr. Hidehiko YAMAMOTO

Associate Professor
Dept. of Mechanical and Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
@Gifu University
1-1, Yanagido, Gifu-shi, 501-1193, Japan
Tel & Fax +81-58-293-2550



E-Mail: yam-h@cc.gifu-u.ac.jp

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1. Keywords for Research Fields

Intelligent FA, Production Engineering, Production Line Design,
Knowledge Learning, Intelligent Simulator,
Autonomous Decentralized System, FMS, Process Planning,
Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life,
Image Processing, Robot Path Planning,
Scheduling, Production Simulation

2. Research Examples

I am interested in computer systems such as Intelligent FA (Factory Automation or Flexible Automation).


(1) Development of Autonomous Decentralized FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System).

·         Research for knowledge reasoning and control for the sake of including autonomous functions to FMS that consists of Robots and Machining centers.

·         Research for path decision system of decentralized robots.

(2) Intelligent production simulator for variety production.

·         Intelligent simulator to decide variety parts input sequence for FTL (Flexible Transfer Line).

(3) Expert System for assisting production system design.

·         New knowledge acquisition system by knowledge learning and high leveled reasoning.

·         Expert System for tool path decision

3.Developed Systems' Examples

4. Research Results

5.Gifu Univ. Students

6.Wakayama Univ. Students


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