Course Plan

1 During application, prospective students are required to choose one of four fields Major Tracks: Basic Veterinary Science, Pathogenetic Veterinary Science, Applied Veterinary Science, or Clinical Veterinary Science.
2 Successful applicants are assigned one main academic advisor and two assistant academic advisors who provide guidance in selection and development of research.
3 Students spend most of their time at the institute of their main academic advisor, but make use of facilities at all four member universities.
4 Upon successful completion of approved coursework and research, students are awarded the Degree of Doctor of Veterinary Sciences (PhD). Requirements include at least thirty credits (semester hours) of required subjects, presentation of an original thesis written under the supervision of academic advisors, and examinations for the degree.
5 The length of the course is four years, which may be shortened to three in the case of students with exceptional academic work.

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