Diploma Policy

The United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences (UGSVS) awards the Degree of Doctor of Veterinary Sciences (PhD) to students who enroll for the required number of years, acquire the specified number of credits, receive research guidance, and pass a doctoral thesis screening and examination.

The goal is for students who have completed the doctoral course to have attained the following:

(Knowledge and Technical Capabilities)
Graduates should possess a wide range of knowledge and technical capabilities related to veterinary sciences as well as the analytical abilities needed to participate in scholarly activities in vterinary science and its related fields.

(Research Capabilities and Research Ethics)
Graduates should be able to select a creative research topic and theme, develop it, and write a thesis describing the research outcome based on their scholarly knowledge. They should also possess the ethical outlook required for academic research.

(Self-expression and Communication Skills)
Graduates should be able to express ideas verbally and in writing and give presentations in Japan and overseas at meetings and conferences in Japanese and English.

(International Contribution)
Graduates should possess a global outlook and English language ability so that they can make contributions on the global stage.

(Community Service and Ethical Outlook)
Graduates should possess a deep understanding of bioscience and an appropriate ethical outlook, so that they can contribute to human and animal welfare.

level of doctoral thesis requirementiJapanese onlyj

Special lecture Graduation ceremony
Special lecture Graduation ceremony