UGSVS Charter

Through the cooperation of the veterinary medicine faculty at four universities | Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Iwate University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Gifu University | and five research institutes, the UGSVS strives to nurture researchers and advanced technical personnel who combine high-level expertise with broad perspectives. The UGSVS offers students distinctively diverse education and research experiences beyond what is typical of single institutions. It strives to contribute to veterinary science and related disciplines and to the overall healthy development of 21st century society.

To these ends, the UGSVS strives to accomplish the following:

1 Fully utilize educational and research resources of all four member universities and five collaborative institutions.
2 Cultivate broad perspectives and high ethical standards in addition to outstanding professional ability.
3 Pioneer original research and gain international esteem as a center for research and education.
4 Release and apply research results to activities for the betterment of society.
5 Foster international exchange through the instruction of international students.
6 Support faculty cooperation and efficient administration.
7 Constantly review, assess, and improve graduate programs and overall course management.

Key Strategies

Education Enhance degree-oriented coursework.
Strive for continuous faculty development.
Foster evermore highly acclaimed researchers and sophisticated professionals.
Provide support for working students.
Develop and implement the revised student-advisor system consisting of one chief and two assistant advisors for each student.
Develop and facilitate inter-campus learning systems.
Establish a revised student-performance evaluation system.
Improve educational activities for internationalization.
Publicly release information regarding education and research results.
Facilitate the international mobility of students and faculty.
Promote English-language education and research guidance.
Stimulate exchange between Japanese and international students.
Increase intercampus cooperation among faculty at different campuses and institutions.
Take advantage of the inherent variety of research within the UGSVS to satisfy students' diverse needs and goals.
Actively facilitate inter-campus distance education via the IT network to enrich education at all affiliated institutions.
Enhance and expand special lectures coordinated across the member universities and collaborating institutes.
Build of a support system for joint research at the UGSVS.
Expand the 21st Century COE Program research project, Evaluation of environmental conditions based on ecology and pathology of wild animals.
Encourage intercampus research projects which endeavor to receive grant-in-aid and other research funds.
Promote research that reflects technological innovations and social and economic changes.
Create a vibrant research environment conducive to the cultivation of talents and abilities of students and young faculty members.
Social Contributions
As a graduate school with campuses spanning Eastern Japan, support activities benefiting widespread communities.
Train professionals who will further serve the international community.
Construct a support network and follow-up system for international graduates of the UGSVS.
Facilitate educational support for developing countries.
Expand and develop affiliations and sister-school programs with foreign institutes, thereby advancing international communication and intellectual exchange.
Endeavor to provide scholarships and financial aid to self-funded foreign students.
Constantly evaluate and improve management systems to reflect the mission and goals of the UGSVS.
Secure a stable financial basis to sustain first-class education and research.
Develop a system to unify policies of the faculty and administration.
Effect mutual cooperation among the faculty, administration, and students to avoid potential conflicts of interest.
Scrupulously safeguard and manage personal information.
Increase recognition of the UGSVS by improving its website and periodical publications.
Employ information and communication technology effectively in management systems.
Develop a career support system to prepare students for post-graduate work and research.