Admission Policy

The UGSVS is composed of Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Iwate University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Gifu University, each of which offers a veterinary program.
We offer a four-year program culminating in the Degree of Doctor of Veterinary Sciences (PhD).
We collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases and National Institute of Health Sciences, the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, the National Institute of Animal Health, the Japan Racing Association’s (JRA’s) Equine Research Institute, and Central Institute for Experimental Animals.
Students study in one of four major tracks and base their research and studies at one of the four member universities and five collaborative research institutes. They enjoy the benefits of the collective resources of all UGSVS collaborative institutes as well as the unique features accorded by the different goals and strategies of these independent entities. This inherent variety allows the UGSVS to offer unique educational opportunities in a variety of research fields according to individual students’ aspirations.
The educational philosophy of the UGSVS is to cultivate researchers and highly professional technicians who will be able to contribute to the realization of a society where nature, humans, and animals live harmoniously based on veterinary and related sciences and through the exploration of human and animal life activity.
We accept veterinary graduates with basic knowledge and practical ability, students who have completed master’s programs in other curriculums, and foreign students who desire to master advanced techniques and scientific knowledge.
The successful applicant will possess the following qualities:
1.Motivation to contribute to society through the veterinary sciences 2.A high level of interest in research in veterinary and related sciences 3.Motivation to achieve technological advancement in the field of veterinary and related sciences 4.Motivation to contribute to international society based on the veterinary sciences 5.An interest in learning related to the veterinary sciences and a willingness to seek expertise

1Requirements for Admission
In addition to passing an entrance exam, applicants must possess one of the following qualifications:
  1. A degree for completion of a six-year veterinary curriculum at a Japanese University
  2. A degree for completion of a curriculum in medicine or dentistry at a Japanese University
  3. Eighteen years of formal education outside Japan
  4. Identification by the Ministry of Education 1955 Notification No.39
  5. Identification by the School Education Law, Article 70, Paragraph 1, Line #7
2Admission Examination
The admission examination consists of the following:
 (I)Written Test
   1. English Ability Test
   2. Subject Test (from the field of applicant’s desired main academic advisor)
 (II)Oral Test
   The oral test focuses on the applicant’s undergraduate or master’s thesis as well as
    research plans and reasons for wanting to study at the UGSVS.

Screening of Applicants
Applicants are screened on the basis of academic transcripts and entrance exam scores. Applicants will be sent a notice of acceptance or rejection.
3Enquiry and Admission Application
Administration Office, Admissions
United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences,
Gifu University
1-1 Yanagido, Gifu, Gifu, 501-1193 Japan
TEL: +81-58-293-2987