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Sachi SriKantha

Welcome to the homepage of
Sachi Sri Kantha
Associate Professor in Scientific English,
Center for General Education,
Gifu University
Yanagido 1-1,Gifu City, 〒501-1193

 岐阜大学教養教育推進センター 准教授           

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Update History

February 28, 2013: some files added to Research Publications.

Site map

I have created this website according to a suggestion provided by one of my mentors, Dr. Eugene Garfield, a pioneer information scientist, over ten years ago. It is my hope that this site will be of interest to many interdisciplinary scientists and students.

One can view a synopsis of my profile in this section.

Gifu University
I comment on the recent statistics about the Gifu University.

Center for General Education
What is the vision of the Center for General Education? A summary is provided.

Most Japanese students approach learning English with lack of motivation as if being force fed a bitter medicine. Why?

English Education
English education in Japan suffers from two major maladies. What are they? I have identified these.

Research Publications
 As a sole author or as a co-author, since 1981, I have published 115 peer-reviewed research items (original papers, reviews, commentaries, letters, book chapters and books). The abstracts published in journals and conference proceedings are excluded in this count. I’m encouraged by the metric that I’m the sole author of 68 among these 115 publications. Thus, I have a relatively high sole author quotient of 56.5% [sole author quotient = number of papers as a sole author/ total number of publications x 100] for a natural scientist.
 Some of my publications which are not presented here can be accessed in databases such as Pub Med and Web of Science. These databases use S.S. Kantha, a convenient variant of my family name S. Sri Kantha, to log my publication entries. Due to a clerical error in data logging, a paper of mine appears under a spurious author name (S.J. Chelvanayakam) in the Pub Med database. My attempts to correct this error have been unsuccessful!
 One can access a sample of my research publications, published in peer-reviewed journals. For convenience, I’ve collected these under the following themes.
Aquatic Bioscience
Biochemistry, Animal
Biochemistry, Plant
Einstein, Albert
Exotic studies
History of Science
Nobel, Alfred and Nobel Prizes
Sleep in Mammals
Cumulative Research Publications

This section provides an introduction of books that I have authored or translated.

I provide a selection of my published thoughts in international and national journals, magazines and newspapers.

I will be pleased to hear from any visitors who wish to discuss the themes presented in this site. I can be reached at srikanth(@)gifu-u.ac.jp

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