Current Students (from 2024) Doctoral 4, Post graduate 10, and Undergraduate 6   


杉浦隆 Takashi Sugiura
Associate Professor: 萬関一広 Kazuhiro Manseki  
E-mail address: manseki.kazuhiro.k4@  (adding

Research Direction

Our research activities involve interdisciplinary science dealing mainly with nanoscale semiconductor materials and photo-electrochemistry. We aim to develop platform techniques of efficient light-electricity (fuel) conversion from the sun, an inexhaustible, clean energy source. In particular, we focus on the chemical synthesis of a wide range of nanomaterials including organic-inorganic and inorganic compounds, paving a new approach to create high-performance photovoltaic devices (dye-sensitized and perovskite solar cells) and artificial photosynthesis systems (water-splitting photocatalysts). One of the key materials we pay attention to is titanium dioxide and their thin-films whose microstructures and physicochemical properties can be precisely controlled in order to produce the nanomaterials-based ‘mesoscopic’devices as mentioned above. Studies on versatile photoenergy conversions are currently underway in our Lab.

Recent Publications
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