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Faculty  International Visiting Professors
Director, Professor of Virtual Skill Division
Kazuhiko Fujisaki,MD
Board member, Japan Society for Medical Education
Medical Communication Study Group, president
Committee member of Japan Society for Medical Education
A graduate of Hokkaido University School of Medicine and Osaka University Graduate School, Dr. Fujisaki came to Gifu University's Medical Education Development Center from Nara Medical University.
Viewed as somewhat eccentric when he declared, upon entering graduate school in 1985, that he would specialize in medical education, health and behavioral sciences and medical humanities, Dr. Fujisaki is now surprised by how the times are changing. He seeks to constantly be a pioneer in these areas.
Specialty : Medical Education / Medical Behavioral Science / Medical Science

Professor of Tutorial Division
Yasuyuki Suzuki,
Board member, Japan Society for Medical Education
Dr. Suzuki delved into this field from pediatrics in 2001, when the Center was established. From his experiences as a pediatrician, he aspires to convey the joys of problem-based learning, the importance of communication, and professionalism in healthcare.
Through postgraduate education, Dr. Suzuki is working to nurture young educators for the future of medical education.
Specialty : Pediatrics / Inborn Error of Metabolism / Medical Education

Associate Professor of Virtual Skill Division
Takuya Saiki,
Committee member of Japan Society for Medical Education
Visiting Researcher of International Research Center for Medical Education, The University of Tokyo
Dr. Saiki joined MEDC in 2011. He is working on means of applying the underlying knowledge of medical education acquired during the Master's courses to wide-ranging areas, covering not only the discipline of general practice, but also extending to the sphere of under/post graduate medical education. Through ongoing studies, which he actively enjoys with many students and medical personnel, Dr. Saiki aspires to focus his energy on expanding the results of his challenging efforts into his research.
In due course, he hopes to enhance cooperative and international exchanges through MEDC, in its role as the bridge to the world.
Specialty : Health Proffesions Education / Proffesionalization in teaching / General Practice / Education in Ambulatory care / Medical Interview / Clinical Reasoning

Assistant Professor of Virtual Skill Division
Chihiro Kawakami,
At MEDC, Ms. Kawakami is engaged in research and work related with interprofessional education. Preferring to be in contact with students and members of the community, she enjoys participating in community based practice, simulated patient practice and the like.
Off campus, Ms. Kawakami provides support for people with autism spectrum disorder.
Specifically, she is engaged in support for sexuality-related behaviors and the development and implementation of education methods in this field. With her diverse range of interests, Ms. Kawakami seeks to take on new challenges, without being limited by the existing situation and barriers.
Specialty : Medical Personnel Education / Healthcare Guidance・Health Needs Education / Sex relationships Education

Assistant Professor of Tutorial Division
Rintaro Imafuku,
BA,Grad Dip,MA,PhD
Dr. Imafuku specialized in Japanese literature and language, sociolinguistics, and education. Since 2012, he has been engaged in the field of medical education at MEDC. He is working on applying his experiences and knowledge acquired during the Master’s and PhD degree courses to the contexts of health care and medical education. In particular, he attempts to make a contribution to the development of education and research related to medical communication and students’ self-directed learning skills. Through MEDC, he hopes to establish an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars and educators in order to further enhance medical education.
Specialty : Learning Sciences/Sociolinguistics/Discourse Analysis/Higher Education

Assistant Professor of Tutorial Division
Koji Tsunekawa,
After graduating from Gifu University School of Medicine, through the work of clinical practice and basic research at other universities, Dr.Tsunekawa have stepped into the medical education field. Then, he came back to his alma mater in 2015. Basically he is a "jack of all trades," but he will work on the development of education and evaluation system utilizing the information and communication technology applying his experiences and knowledge acquired during the previous jobs.
Please feel free to contact me!
Specialty : Medical Education/Pharmacology/Medical Science

Kaho Hayakawa
Specialty : 

Masayuki Niwa,PhD
Specialty : Medical Education / Pharmacology / Inflammation, Regeneration, Neuronal degeneration and its prevention

Past Faculty/Staff Members  
Name Title Period
Phillip Evans Specially-Appointed Professor 2014.10.1〜2015.3.31
Chikusa Muraoka Technical Assistant 2009.7.1〜2015.3.31
Kazumi Sakashita Assisstant professor 2012.12.1〜2014.3.31
Iyo Kubota Research Fellow 2011.10.16〜2013.2.28
Hideki Wakabayashi Assisstant professor 2008.4.1〜2012.2.29
Tomomi Kato Assisstant professor 2003.4.1〜2011.5.31
Masumi Nawa Technical Assistant 2007.10.1〜2011.3.31
Keiko Abe Assistant Professor 2006.2.1〜2011.1.31
Chihiro Kawakami Technical Assistant 2008.11.20〜2010.3.31
Izumi Kuratsubo Researcher 2009.2.1〜2010.2.28
Takeo Sakurai Research Fellow 2007.12.1〜2009.3.30
Mayumi Tanimoto Assistant Professor 2003.11.1〜2007.6.30
Fumi Yanagidate Assistant Professor 2005.12.1〜2006.6.30
Yuzo Takahashi Director, Professor 2001.4.1〜2004.3.31
Hiroyuki Nakamura Assistant Professor 2001.4.1〜2003.6.30
Kaei Washino Assistant Professor 2001.4.1〜2003.3.31
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