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The objective of the Iriomote Project, with studies of Iriomote island as a model, is to provide useful information to island people everywhere for the continuation and preservation of their prosperous and culturally rich societies.  Many videos and photographs are used in the project studies.  We believe the exhibit of these materials will be useful for the understanding of people's lives and natural events on the islands.  The pictorial materials are also used for teaching.  Videos and photographs will be added as shooting and editing progress.

 On this site, we try to express a feel of the nature in Iriomote Island by visual contents.  We will be very happy if you could feel the heartbeat of the lives on a smal island.  

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RIHN and Nature Image, Inc. hold the copyright of all contents on this website.  Please contact the Iriomote Project for information on the educational use of the contents.  We thank Camera Division of KONICA MINOLTA PHOTO IMAGING, INC. for technical assistance.

Video-photograph producing staff: F. Sakuma (Nature Image, Inc.); N. Kawakubo (Gifu University); T. Takaso, Y. Kimoto, N. Nakanishi, H. Taira (Iriomote Project, RIHN); D. Kamibayashi, Y. Sakieda, K. Taira, K. Yasuda, Y. Aikawa, H. Goto (Research supporting staff); M. Kamata (Information on shooting locations).  This website is constructed by Nobumitsu Kawakubo on Gifu University.  

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