Our laboratory has been started in October 2013, since Dr. Motoki Shiga was appointed to a tenure-track assistant professor in Gifu University. Our main research interest is on Data Mining and Statistical Machine Learning and their applications such as Bioinformatics, Chemoinformatics and Materials Informatics.

Our developed codes are provided in Github. Please feel free to contact if you'd like to join as a undergraduate/graduate student or to have collaborative work.


2016.11.16 The result by DREAM 9.5 Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge was accepted to The Lancet Oncology. (Prof. Shiga was joined as a community member in the paper). Our method was also provided by a research paper of F1000Research.
2016.9.16 Prof. Shiga's proposal was accepted to research grant PRESTO (Research area: Materials Informatics), JST. [Press Release in Japanese]
2016.8.5 Our paper on a new machine learning method for STEM-EELS/EDX analysis was accepted to Ultramicroscopy.
2016.7.7 A review paper about data analysis on STEM-EELS/EDX was accepted to Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan.
2016.2.17Our paper on efficiently finding low energy reagions of a potential energy surface was publishded in Physical Review B.
2015.8.17 Motoki Shiga was selected as a Top Performer of DREAM 9.5 Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge, Sub-challenge 1-b.

2014.11.13 Our paper on Nonnegative matrix factorization has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering.
2014.10.15 Our paper on conditional density estimation has been accepted to Machine Learning Journal.
2014.4.1 Accepted to JSPS KAKENHI on innovative areas "Nano Informatics".
2014.4.1 Update the list of members.
2013.12.27 Our survey paper on gene co-expression analysis has been accepted to IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB) .
2013.11.8 Open this home page!