Faculty Of REgional STudies

This homepage is prepared by the International Exchange Committee, FOREST, Gifu University. The committee will make every attempt to ensure that the information herein is accurate and up-to-date, but visitors are strongly recommended to obtain official information from the committee via other written media. The address of the committee is provided here.

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 General Information

 Departmental Organization and Research Domains

 Academic Staffs(Figure)

 Reseach(The list of Bulletin of the Faculty of Regional Studies, Gifu University)

 Number of Students(Figure)  

 Undergraduate Curriculum Guidance

 Undergraduate Curriculum (Figure)

 Graduate School Information

 Graduate School Division

 Graduate School Curriculum(Figure)

 Non-Degree Program for Overseas Students

 Application Procedure

 Entrance Examination Application Data(Figure)

 Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid

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